Friday, February 23, 2007

Jim Crow Law activity/Dir en grey

1) Describe what you did for the activity.
For the activity i choose Phone call from a stanger.
I had to read about how you suppose to talk on the phone if your white(....or was it nonwhite....?")

2) What point was the activity trying to make?
it was aying how wrong its was that there's "ways" to talk on the phone if your of different skin color.

3) What did you learn from the activity?
I learned that.......................It was just plain stupid.

4) Make a link to the activity from your blog.

Today im going to the dir en grey concert. This is my first "real" concert sinice Uchusentai noiz. i cant wait. plus this is sams first concert and hana's first concert that she wanted to go to. imma buy everything i can so i can remeber this event. So make it good Kyo!!!!!!!!!! ^_~


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