Friday, January 19, 2007

life/ alter universe #13

man i cant wait to go to the dir en grey concert that hana invited me too. now we have a new member to oure lovely duo. Sam thats makes us a trio. the concert is gonna be sooo kewl. i cant wait i even ordered a outfit from hot topic just so i would look right. its sooo cute. its a grey jacket with a matching grey skirt with a black short sleeve button up shirt and black stockings and black boots shanti gave me. plus imma add some fish net arm gloves and a grey tie ^_^. man if only masato could see me now

its kewl that now sam( aka my daughter) is getting into to anime and manga. now she says she gonna go to the anime expo, pmx an j-rock connection. i cant wait. oh by the way if your reading this saw happy-birthday and miku loves you
hana if your reading this kanon does NOT loves you lmao jk he does and hes thinking about you right now. i already know it

in alternet universe #13 me and masato, sam and miku, and hana and kanon are all still in bed and refuseing to wake up even though were awake.
*kanon pokes hana*.......u awake?
hana:..yes *while smiling*

Masato still lays there alseep. komi sits on top of him
komi: *whispers loud* MASATO....ARE U AWAKE?
masato:....not anymore

at mikus house the alarm goes off and miku and sam and pretending to be alseep so they wont have to get up and get it.
*2o mintues later
miku: i love you!* kiss*
sam: i know u do


At 8:59 AM, Blogger Sam said...

Love it!


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