Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gal-loween x Night @ Kira Kira

On October 23rd, Diamond Gal-sa hosted a Halloween event called Gal-loween x Night @ Kira Kira photo sticker in the City of Industry!!!!
Big thanks to
MICHI * VAL * TRICIA * DOLLY * for helping to make this an successful event!!!

Also special thanks to Kira Kira, Tune in Tokyo, Shibuya LA, Touzan Taiko, Gravity Core and Chiaki Nakamura for contributing both their time and talent to help create yet another amazing DIAMOND event!!!

Also lets not forget the men of the night Robert, Chad, Steven, Justin, Andre, and Frank~

Taiko: Touzan Taiko
World Order: Frank, Justin, Andre
Fashion Show: Shibuya LA/Diamond
Concert: Gravity Core

I hope you all enjoyed the event!!!! Please look forward to the next diamond event

Heres some photos and videos from the night!!!

Congrats to our raffle winner Kelly Liu!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Im back!

Wowwww Its been so long..too long haha
I have grown so much over the last 4-5 years.
My sense of fashion has leveled up and so has my make up skills~!

I managed to finally meet Noiz HUR HUR and i have a photo to prove it!
Mie and Uchusentai Noiz

I also went to Japan last August/09~ 
Mie in Umeda Osaka
Yup, a lot has happened to me!! It has been one big crazy roller coaster and I have no intentions of getting off just yet~There is so much I wanna do in life and now is the perfect time to do it.
I ended up leaving that shitty school Animo Venice and i switched to home studies. I havn't been this happy in awhile!
Lolita was fun for a few years but I also switched to being a Gal(Gyaru) and...I have never felt this beautiful before its crazy.
So here is where I leave you for now. Mie of DIAMOND GALS age 17.


Friday, April 20, 2007

School over life

My life its okay. My grades arent so good though. Im trying my best but some teachers wont even try to help like my english teacher keeps sitting me by bad students then try to say that im there to "lead" them but i know shes lying but earlier that day she called me the bad student
-_-. im failing like almost all of my classes and it seems like everytime i get one grade up on one of my classes the other one goes down. People ask me "do i want to go to college" my words say yes but my grades say no.
then my suppose "best friend" "bryan" knows this person who starting trouble with me but doesnt want to tell me who. then my friend tells me they dont know that person.....yea...okay..whatever i want to trust my best friend but sometimes that person makes wrong choices and doesnt relize's it till after their choice is over and done with. My best friend once told me that they want to be a better friend but by doing stuff like that it isnt helping. i hate trusting one of my best friends more than the other one but the other best friend isnt giving my any reason to be able to trust them the way i do with the other.

Friday, March 23, 2007

my team

Do you feel your group is working as a team? Why or why not?
yes, i feel that everyone is putting in some kind of effort

How have you changed your behavior so the team could be better?
Im more bossy so everyone has something to do and to make sure everyone is on task

What does your team need to do in order to make this a better experience for everyone?
We need to catch up on our work so we wont be worring on our time limit

Do you believe your project will be completed by March 27th? Why or why not?
Sadly i do not think it will be unless we put in lots of effort to complete our flash

Friday, March 16, 2007

Learning Styles 2.27.07

1.List 3 of your strongest learning styles. Write down what each of them means:
Musical-learn by music and rhythm
Kinthetic-learn by body movement
intropersonal-learn with a group
2.List 3 of your weakest learning styles. Write down what each of them means:
interpersonal-learn by yourself
don't know any other ones.
3.Using your answers to questions 1 and 2, list three things that you can do to improve the way you learn. Also list three things that teachers can do to help you learn better in class.
I don't know....

Friday, March 09, 2007

Team work

welll i wasnt even here so i didnt do that. i have no idea whos in my team. I really dont even like big groups b/c then usually its too hard too compromise. I feel that smaller groups are better b/c then everyone has a chance to talk and we could always change ideas to fit everyones needs.

Friday, March 02, 2007

ideal student

i think the 5 top things a student needs to be able to be successful in high school is.
1.A good attiude
2. respect for others and their selves
4. people who are willing to help
5. some one who can make decesions for them selves.