Friday, September 29, 2006

i love high school, even though i hate the fact thats its easy to fail a class whithin a day its not all bad
yea i believe this school will achieve not only my goal but their goal to send us to a 4 year college

i trust some of them teachers but its only the first month of school so..

Friday, September 22, 2006

J@ck@$$ 2

i wanna see j@ck@$$ 2 so bad. my favorite charater is steve-o
he is so funny-stupid but funny. its better when they do stupid stuff not nasty stuff.
i wanna see it today but i cant b/c i have to spend the night over my frineds house but tomorrow we might go see it i cant wait its gonna be so much fun

Friday, September 15, 2006

Animo inglewood high

the article was mostly about the backround of the students and how the lives change when they the went to animo

I think mines is kinda similar beacause i live inglewood( but the part wheres theres no gangs)
and my mom did not want me going to a school around there.

This year and every year while im still in school i will focus more on school work than the week ends.

Friday, September 08, 2006


i LOVE anime!!!!! and manga. Anime means animation but the anime i like is japanese animation. I love the stories and the art work b/c its different from american cartoons. Manga is a graphic novel (comic) but th art work is aslo different. the chararcters have wide eyes and the faces are usually long( not all the time)

anime are shows like
one piece
dragon ball

i love anime so much. Im aslo good at drawing it too ( welll for my age) One day soon i wanna work at EA games as an artist. Lately it's all i ever think about. i always thought it would be so cool for me to have a job as something i like enjoy doing and also is good at. one day i wanna go to japan and meet haiyo miyazaki. he's the best director ever( i think) he's work is so good. My favorite movie of his is spirted away. when i was little and i saw that movie i feel in love. also when i was younger i saw another movie of his called kiki' delivery service. i havnt seen all of his movies yet but most of them. i stilll havnt seen the cat returns but imma get the movie so im happy Anime has also gave me alot of friends. i have met lots of cool ppl from just knowing a series. if i could work at EA games that nothing esle in the world (besides school) would matter to me

Friday, September 01, 2006

what'ive learned

1. what did your learn in the first week of my class
i learned how to make a movie

2.what did you learn in the first week of animo venice
i learned spanish and brushed up on my algebra

3. how do you feel about high school
so far i love it and i love the way our classes are set-up

4.what do you need to do so you can suceed in high school
you need confidence b/c without that no one will be able to have confidence for you

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