Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gal-loween x Night @ Kira Kira

On October 23rd, Diamond Gal-sa hosted a Halloween event called Gal-loween x Night @ Kira Kira photo sticker in the City of Industry!!!!
Big thanks to
MICHI * VAL * TRICIA * DOLLY * for helping to make this an successful event!!!

Also special thanks to Kira Kira, Tune in Tokyo, Shibuya LA, Touzan Taiko, Gravity Core and Chiaki Nakamura for contributing both their time and talent to help create yet another amazing DIAMOND event!!!

Also lets not forget the men of the night Robert, Chad, Steven, Justin, Andre, and Frank~

Taiko: Touzan Taiko
World Order: Frank, Justin, Andre
Fashion Show: Shibuya LA/Diamond
Concert: Gravity Core

I hope you all enjoyed the event!!!! Please look forward to the next diamond event

Heres some photos and videos from the night!!!

Congrats to our raffle winner Kelly Liu!!!