Friday, April 20, 2007

School over life

My life its okay. My grades arent so good though. Im trying my best but some teachers wont even try to help like my english teacher keeps sitting me by bad students then try to say that im there to "lead" them but i know shes lying but earlier that day she called me the bad student
-_-. im failing like almost all of my classes and it seems like everytime i get one grade up on one of my classes the other one goes down. People ask me "do i want to go to college" my words say yes but my grades say no.
then my suppose "best friend" "bryan" knows this person who starting trouble with me but doesnt want to tell me who. then my friend tells me they dont know that person.....yea...okay..whatever i want to trust my best friend but sometimes that person makes wrong choices and doesnt relize's it till after their choice is over and done with. My best friend once told me that they want to be a better friend but by doing stuff like that it isnt helping. i hate trusting one of my best friends more than the other one but the other best friend isnt giving my any reason to be able to trust them the way i do with the other.