Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Achievement gap

1.What do YOU think causes the achievement gap?
I think expectations causes it. I believe people let others peoples images on them and what he or she should be acting or dong in life, school, work ,etc stink into theirs head and make them believe that everyone of their race or gender should act and think this way.

2.What can students do to close the achievement gap?(3)
1)They can start thinking about their future pushing for their pursuit of getting into a good college and getting a good education
2)The can Try
3)They can look and see what happens to people who dont do well in school

3. what can parents do?(3)
1)They can help their children in the "pursuit"
2)They can start to get more involved
3)They can help their childern in school work with at least what they know if they dont know much

4.What can teachers/ schools do?(3)
1) thye cann focus on how the students learn not how they want them to learn.
2) dont give up on them but dont pressure them alot
3)do more hands on learning instead of just talking

Monday, December 11, 2006

Tom Hayden

1.What did you the of Mr Hayden?

He was old, but very informative. He knows alot about the war , some things i did know.

2.Tom hayden does not think of himself as a civil rights leader. do you see him as one?
why or why not?

No, it seems the things he did was more for self purpose.

3.Tom hayden feels that leaders are not as important as the hundreds or thousands of people behind them what does he mean be that?

He feels that it takes more that one person to make something happen. A leader is only sucessful when he/she has supporters.

Friday, December 08, 2006

uchusentai noiz

omg i love uchusentai noiz im doing everything in my power to meet them and its getting me no where i order cds that never come when there suppose to. i order magizenes and i have to wait 3 years to meet them that makes me a hella mad one day masato one day

Friday, December 01, 2006

hurting yourself

stop hurting yourself means stop hurting yourself physically and mentally. when you beat yourself up over something that was a mistake your hurting your self and when u cut your wrist your also hurting yourself .there's different ways in hurting yourself whether its in your head or on your body hurting your self if bad for you.